H1.S Chassis Package Content

1 x HDPLEX H1.S Fanless Computer Case Double Packaged.

1 x HDPLEX Fanless CPU Heatsink System with 3.5g high quality thermal paste

Accessories (Included in the H1 Package):

Installation Screw Kit
2.5mm Tip M4 HEX Head Screw Driver
Flat SATA Power and DATA 40cm Extension Cable
PCI Cover Bracket
SSD/2.5” HDD Rack for H1 Series
Side I/O PCB (Dual USB 3.0, Power Button, 12VDC Output)
Power Adapter Plate for 7.4*5.0 and 5.5/2.5 DC Connector
External 4PIN-5.5/2.5/2.1mm dual purpose power cable for external 12VDC device

Optional Accessories

HDPLEX 80W AC-DC Adapter with 19V Output
HDPLEX 160W AC-DC Adapter w/PFC 19V Output
HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX Power Supply
HDPLEX 250W Hi-Fi DC-ATX Power Supply
HDPLEX 100W Linear Power Supply
Backplate for Thin-ITX