H1.S features HDPLEX minimalism design and high quality 15mm thick brushed aluminum faceplate.

H1.S utilize heavy duty mirror polished copper base and six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes for best heat transfer effeciency. Heatpipes are fully buried inside both aluminum side panels. This is a design with no comproise. H1.S supports CPU with 65W TDP Max.

H1.S CPU heatsink system supports latest Skylake LGA1151 socket, Broadwell and Haswell LGA1150 socket, Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge LGA1155 socket, Legacy LGA775 socket, and APU with AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 socket.
The zigzagged aluminum top plate provides three times more heat dissipitation area.

H1.S supports mini-ITX motherboard. You could find the latest compatible motherboard list under Hardware Compatibility page.

H1.S supports Thin-ITX together with full height single slot PCIEx1 or PCIEx4 expansion card with optional H1.S Thin-ITX backplate. The H1.S Thin-ITX backplate is sold separately under H1.S optional accessories.
Flexible PCIEx1 or PCIEx4 riser card is also required for connecting expansion card.

H1.S supports three SSD. One SSD is installed under the ITX motherboard and the other two over the motherboard via HDPLEX H1 HDD rack.

H1.S supports 80W AC-DC+160W DC-ATX nanoATX combo for internal PSU solution.

H1.S supports 160W DC-ATX or 250W HiFi DC-ATX + External AC Aadpter solution.

H1.S supports 160W DC-ATX or 250W HiFi DC-ATX + HDPLEX 100W Linear Power Supply Audio PC solution.

H1.S supports various DC connector via the included power adapter plate. It also supports standard IEC C14 AC connector with EMI filter.

H1.S side I/O includes two USB 3.0 via silicon high speed internal cable, power ON/OFF button, and extra 12V output via 4PIN molex connector. A molex-5.5/2.5/2.1mm DC jack cable is included and could be used to connect external Hard Drive enclosure. Save the need for an extra AC brick. The 12V on side I/O PCB is supplied by internal SATA power.